We want to recognize our trainer’s Sy’s client 10 month transformation with a 3 lb weight gain! Liz began training at our private facility to not lose weight, but to become stronger and relieve some stress and because it made her feel good. Her 10 month transformation with Evolution Fitness simply involved proper nutritional education to consume the correct amount of food pre and post workouts, proper lifting and form techniques, consistency and sheer determination with the help of Sy. Keep up the gains, Liz!

Ladies, please note that lifting doesn’t make you bulkier. It gives you even more strength, definition, tone, a nice physique, confidence and most importantly, a healthier lifestyle. Great job!

27. Josh


Here is Josh, one of our clients that lives in Massachusetts. It’s clients like him that make us passionate about the Evolution Fitness brand. He drives an hr. and half to meet with his diet coach, follows the fitness plan and makes no excuses. Josh works 60 hrs. a week as a corrections officer and still makes time to prepare his meals and goes to the gym faithfully.


The picture on the left is when he first met T. Chan and he wanted to do his first NPC Men’s Physique fitness competition. He had heard a lot of great things about Evolution Fitness and was highly recommended by a friend. Four months of Josh’s hard work has paid off and he will be stepping on stage in a couple days for his first show. No matter what the outcome may be, we are extremely proud of his accomplishment in a short period of time. Good Luck, Josh! Let’s bring a trophy back to Evolution Fitness!

13. Kathy


Huge congratulations to our dedicated client Kathy for holding the one rep max record for barbell squatting 230 lbs. and the one rep max record for sumo deadlifting 255lbs.! Although she is 61 years old, she does not use her age as an excuse. She has been weight training with us for two years and put on 10 lbs. of muscle while dropping her body fat by 8%.


Believe it or not, she wasn’t always this athletic. When she first started working with T. Chan she could barely do a walking lunge without losing her breath. In her exact words “I would never imagine myself being at this age, and becoming addicted to weight training”. She made a commitment to change her life and here she is, never looking back at her decision. It’s safe to say 60 is the new 40! Keep up the good work Kathy!

1. alex


Meet Alex, one of our latest success stories. She comes from a very athletic background being a cheerleader and on a baseball team. Strength and conditioning was one of her strong points. The only issue was her eating habits and it made her body fat increase.


Although she had great athletic genetics, her body composition wasn’t responsive. She started her customized diet program with the expertise of T. Chan’s guidance. And here she is now, 5 inches smaller on her waist and 15lbs. down in 6 weeks.



Aaron is currently 2 weeks out from his first Men’s Physique show in Boston, MA for the NPC New England Championships. He has been getting coaching/dieting with T. Chan for the last 5 months and we must say he is 100% ready to make his debut, wouldn’t you all agree?

For the next two weeks T. Chan will be fine tuning his diet and will make sure his conditioning is razor sharp. T. Chan speaks very highly about Aaron’s motivation and determination to do well in his first show.

During this contest prep, he did everything that was advised from his coach to make sure he brings his best package, leaving no stones unturned. Good Luck Aaron your coach is extremely proud of you!



6 week transformation from T. Chan’s online client. Great transformation with all of her hardwork and his diet coaching.
No starvation diets, Heavy weight training (wait, weight training doesn’t make girls bulky?) Moderate amounts of cardio and
no fancy camera angles. Keep up the great work! Lets crush those squats!

grisel pic


Grisel is no stranger to fitness, and has a strong passion for it. She wanted to do her first bikini competition and wanted to find the right coach. She was recommended to Dan Mackler, by one of the clients at Evolution Fitness. Dan has a lot of experience in coaching amateurs in bikini competitions and was the perfect fit for her.


In such a short period of time, Dan dieted his client Grisel to a 2nd place trophy in her first natural bikini show and a 4th place trophy in a huge NPC Show, the Cutler Classic Boston. With Grisel’s hard work and determination and Dan’s guidance, it was a success. This is an awesome achievement Grisel! Great Job!

14. Kenny


Kenny met T. Chan at a restaurant that they both worked at for about two years. At this time T. Chan was a personal trainer part time at a gym while working as a waiter and Kenny was a busboy. They worked together a lot and got along well. Eventually they both stopped working at the restaurant, they stayed friends and still kept in touch.


Kenny always had a passion for fitness because he loved the way it made him feel after working out. He saw the many success stories on the Evolution Fitness social media pages and was interested to learn more about how T. Chan got his clients there. Six months later Kenny is down 40 lbs. of fat and put on 10 lbs. of muscle mass. In addition to this he lost 8 inches off from his waist. We decided to stop the fat loss journey and instead focus more on gaining muscle. Updates will be coming soon!

12. Jayro


Jayro has worked with a couple other nutrition consultants in the past and has got mediocre results, therefore he was a little skeptical about working with Evolution Fitness. We totally understood and never pushed it upon him. After seeing how attentive and knowledgeable T. Chan was he decided to give it a shot.


We must say, he made it look really easy. With all of his hard work and dedication, 10 weeks later and the abdominal were showing. Jayro has recently move to sunny California, we wish him the best in his new residence!



What an amazing 11 week transformation this was, with the guidance of her coach T. Chan. She lost a total of 20 lbs. and kept every lb. of muscle mass! She went from eating/drinking whatever to going on stage for her first NPC Bikini Show! What a great achievement to be done in a short amount of time.

Coach T. Chan is extremely proud of her, she really showed her true character during some tough times and did whatever was needed to get stage ready.

She set a goal for herself and crushed it! Did we forget to mention, when she isn’t in the gym working on her fitness, she is helping/saving patients as a full time registered nurse. If she doesn’t motivate you to get yourself in the gym, we don’t know what will!



Wow! Lets highlight Samantha as one of our many proud transformations here at Evolution Fitness. The picture below is a 6 week transformation! You read right, 6 weeks! Although it was a 11 week prep, we do not have any photos of the first week. T. Chan is super proud of your optimism, determination and your enthusiasm.


Samantha is a heart transplant recipient and her body physically changed from her procedure but she used this as no excuse. With her new outlook on life after the surgery, she knew how important health was and the value of life. She set a goal to become fit and step on stage for a NPC Bikini Show.

Samantha puts in bard work at the gym and stuck to her diet vigorously during the transformation. She inspires us to never let those small bumps in the road get us down. Whatever obstacles get in your way, you can and you will overcome them!

Your coach is excited to see what the future brings! Keep up the great work! You are a huge inspiration to us!



Here is Khang’s unbelievable story: He started his weight loss journey and weighed over 300 lbs. (picture on the left). Being only 5 feet 4 inches, it was really tough for him to do daily activities and  minor movements would have him winded. He knew if he stayed this weight any longer, it would only lead to health problems. It was time for a change and he dieted himself down to 244lbs. No matter what he did he couldn’t pass 244 lbs. One evening in a local gym, he met one of T. Chan’s previous client and highly recommended Evolution Fitness.


When T. Chan first met Khang, he weighed 244 lbs. and was under the impression that his body plateaued. We chatted a bit and he was skeptical about hiring us for online coaching. We explained why he is not losing any more weight and then Khang decided to roll the dice and give T. Chan a shot. A year has passed by now and he is down 101 lbs.! He currently weighs 142.8 lbs. and is still going strong. Even though Khang lives in Mass, he still drives down to Evolution Fitness for his body fat test and measurements. Khang’s Testimonial: “My Parents can never thank you enough T. Chan, it’s like you were an angel in disguise.”

10. Jonathan


Jonathan Vasquez is one of the first trainers that worked at Evolution Fitness. He always had a passion for fitness and later on made it a career. While growing up he was known as the “fat kid”, you know the kid that would get picked on for his weight.


After struggling for many years he decided to take initiative to change his life forever. Jonathan spent countless hours in the gym and was eating for results and not for taste. Although he had a lot of weight training experience, his knowledge for nutrition at the time was minimal. Later on he was introduced to T. Chan, and they become great friends. Jonathan starting to diet with the guidance of T. Chan and it produced awesome results! Jonathan is now currently training and dieting clients of his own.

11. Jordan


Jordan is one of our online clients that lives in Boston, MA. He started his own fitness journey and reached a plateau. After seeing tons of success stories on the Evolution Fitness social media pages, he decided to contact T. Chan and asked him multiple questions about how the online coaching program worked. T. Chan answered all his questions and quickly figured out what his problem was and why he was plateauing.


Jordan signed up for the online coaching and the body fat started to melt off of him. His problem was under eating and he slowed his metabolism down. The picture on the left he weighed 240lbs. and the picture on the right he weighed 190 lbs. His total weight loss was 50 lbs.!



Check out this great 6 week transformation! Both pictures on the left our client Monique weighed in at 127 lbs. And the pictures on the right she weighed 117 lbs. Her goal was to decrease her body fat and maintain as much as her frame as possible. How was this goal accomplished you ask?


Personal training 2x a week with Jonathan Vasquez, dieting and coaching by T. Chan.
Motivation and Determination by Monique. Are you ready for your Evolution?

28. Steven


Stephen Dy, is one of our own trainers at Evolution Fitness. This is his amazing 3 year transformation. The picture on the left he weighs 120 lbs. and the picture on the right he weighs 160 lbs. As you can see this took a lot of time. He didn’t have the greatest genetics but he did have the determination to change.


All the time he invested into himself has paid off. From recovering from injuries to other injuries, experimenting with new diets and workouts to see what worked best for him. Now he is an inspiration to the fitness community of Rhode Island.

18. Mike


After partying every night for years and letting himself go, he reached a point of his life where it needed a change. Mike was never a gym guy, he was new to the world of weights. His thoughts changed after personal training and dieting for 6 months. With the expertise of one of our trainers, he transformed his body composition from 22% BF to 5% BF!


Mikes testimonial: “T Chan changed my life! He got a fat and lazy guy motivated to go to the gym, follow a strict diet and watch my body change. T Chan helped me lose 40 pounds, 7 inches off my waist, and double most of my lifting. 6 months going strong! The man knows fitness and I would recommend him to anyone looking to change their unhealthy lifestyles! Thanks again T”.



Check out this pic of our client Alan, he took a vacation with his wife to Belgium. Being the loyal, fitness fanatic client he is, he brought his old school throwback “T. Chan Fitness” t shirt to represent our gym.


The changes he made throughout the years are quite amazing. When he first met T. Chan he wasn’t sure if he wanted to start personal training. He was afraid that it would aggravate his tendonitis and hip/glute pain. Later on, Alan got hip surgery and decided it was time to start personal training. T. Chan developed a fitness program which worked around his pain areas and now Alan is almost completely pain free!


Although Alan is our oldest client at 67 years old, he doesn’t let that number interfere with weight training 4x a week. At times he has T. Chan wondering how he survives some of the gruesome workouts given to him!

23. T-Chan


The owner of Evolution Fitness and the head trainer. Right above is the picture of his 10 week transformation leading up to 3 days before his show. Believe or not T. Chan wasn’t always the fit guy that you see walking around Evolution Fitness, he had to do a transformation just like all of his clients. If there’s anyone that understands overcoming life’s hurdles, it would be him. While growing up, he was always the shortest or skinniest guy in the room. To make things even worse, he had braces and terrible acne. At that time he was very insecure and always had confidence problems which lead to severe depression.


You can honestly say weight training and becoming a personal trainer saved his life. After years of weight training on and off, he decided to do his first NPC Men’s Physique Fitness competition where he placed 2nd out of 8 competitors! All of his hard work and sacrifice paid off.

20. Phil


What an amazing transformation story this was. Phil was a competitive hockey player who got severely injured during a game. This accident left him not being able to walk and put him in a slump. At this time, his weight steadily climbed up to 400 lbs. Phil decided to take initiative to diet himself down and lost a good amount of weight on his own. He reached a plateau and decided to look for a personal trainer who had experience with nutrition.


He was referred to Dan Mackler, one of our trainers at Evolution Fitness. Dan did a consultation with Phil and figured out why he was plateauing with his weight. After the meeting between the two, he felt confident in Dan. Dan put him on a customized diet and weight training program specifically for his fitness goals. The end result? Phil weighs 208 lbs. and is healthier than ever!

19. Pedro


When we first met Pedro he was already in great shape. He wanted to do his first Men’s Physique competition and didn’t know where to start. He was referred to T. Chan from another friend.


After a couple phone conversations, they both finally met and Pedro hired T. Chan to get him ready for his first competition. For about 4 months we practiced posing routines, competition preparation and different dieting methods that worked best for him. The end result? Pedro placed 2nd place out of 15 competitors for his first competition at the NPC Jay Cutler Classic Boston!

3. Cindy


Cindy was very impressed with one of our trainers Dan Mackler’s online client’s transformation which she saw on social media. Although she lived in Massachusetts, the results she saw from his previous transformation did not hold her back from hiring Dan to be her online diet coach.


Dan set up a customized diet and weight training program that was specifically for her fitness goals. They have been working together for 9 weeks and produced dramatic results. Cindy’s goal was to keep her figure and to decrease her body fat. We would say that goal was achieved! Great job, we can’t wait to see the updates of this transformation.



Tanya found us through the Evolution Fitness social media pages and looked through our success stories portfolio and was amazed with the results that were achieved by our clients. She contacted T. Chan and the rest was history. With hard work, exercise and dieting, the results starting to come.


Three months has passed by and there is no turning back. She is currently down 3o lbs. Stay tuned her journey is not done yet! Good job Tanya, keep up the great work!

5. Danny


Here is T. Chan’s client Danny with his 1 month transformation. He has been highly recommended by T. Chan’s brother and was motivated to contact us because he saw a transformation picture of a client that was posted on the Evolution Fitness Facebook page. He was amazed by the results and wanted to become a future success story. He thought to himself, if everyone else can do it. Why can’t I?


With all his hard work and effort, it took him one month to achieve his new body fat percentage. He started at 16% body fat and is currently at 12% body fat. Stay tuned we will be posting updates in his journey.

2. carlos


Carlos contacted T. Chan and wanted to decrease his body fat to make a weight class for a boxing fight. He was very excited and motivated to start his fitness program. We definitely have to give him recognition on his 2 month transformation. When he is handed a diet, he programs his brain and it becomes a machine, it’s all clock work for him.


Sometimes we worry about what our clients are doing, with him we know he is actually doing what we need him to do! He is now pursuing boxing and maintaining his diet. We wish him the best of luck in his future boxing endeavors!

26 Vathana


T. Chan’s brother/client Vathana was amazed with how he changed his life around and transformed his physique. That motivated him to start his own fitness journey to seek the physique he dreamed of. Nobody was more determined than he was. It was to the point where he didn’t even do any cheat meals!


The picture on the left he was 16% body fat and is a perfect example of being skinny fat. If he wasn’t shirtless you would think he wasn’t storing all that body fat. After 2 months of hard work, proper exercise education and a customized diet program, he now stands now at 5% body fat.

22. Sean


His fitness journey started all by himself, finally when nothing seem to work he decided to seek guidance in Evolution Fitness. When T. Chan first met Sean he was at 12% body fat with no muscle mass, pretty much a skinny fat body type. He had the impression lots of cardiovascular exercises and no weight training was the answer for getting a low body fat percentage. Little did he know, there was a lack of strength training in his program and he was doing too much cardiovascular exercises. After one year of personal training and a customized diet plan, Sean was able to achieve his 5% body fat and pursued a career in male fitness modeling.


Sean’s testimonial “Highly recommend T. Chan to anyone who’s looking to lose weight, get healthy and look great! Most dedicated and personable trainer you’ll come across.”

4. Dan


Dan and T. Chan worked at the same gym as personal trainers before moving on to Evolution Fitness. He approached T. Chan about the customized diet program that he offers, after getting ripped off by an “online trainer” that gave him a template diet that didn’t work. As you should know most online trainers are very generic, and give their clients the same paid information. How do they know if you’re losing muscle or body fat if your body fat isn’t being tested?


To make a long story short, the picture on the left Dan started his diet plan and weighed 170.4lbs. After 2 months of dieting with T. Chan he is currently at 153 lbs. Dan is now successfully dieting his own clients

6. Gerard


Gerard’s transformation took about 4 years. He noticed changes with his body every week and become obsessed with how he felt. The change that he made on his own was unbelievable. He started at about 35% body fat and over 300 lbs. and now is at 9% body


T. Chan helped him with his dieting for a couple months when he reached a plateaued and took his physique to the next level. Gerard is currently an EMT and is considering becoming a Personal Trainer.

9. Jamie


Jamie has been dieting for 2 months with Dan Mackler, one of our trainers. The results came fast and the weight loss was consistent. Jamie lost a total of 20 lbs. of fat while still keeping his muscular frame.


We were going to wait to show this progress pic, but the amount of inches Jamie lost off of his waist was amazing. Another month of dieting and he will be ready for a maintenance plan. Check back later for an updated final picture!



Check out our trainer Jonathan Vasquez’s client Nairoby. When she first started training she had mixed ideas about weight training and its benefits. Also, she didn’t have the proper knowledge about nutrition. With two months of consistent weight training and a solid customized diet program with Jonathan, the results started to come.


The picture on the left she is at 136 lbs. and the picture on the left she is 126lbs. Now you might think that 10lbs. won’t make such a difference, but it does especially when she gained some muscle through weight training. She went from barbell squatting 55 lbs. to now squatting 135lbs. for reps! Not only has she decreased her body fat and loss inches from her body composition, she got proper education to live a healthier lifestyle from Evolution Fitness.



Great job to our client Luidas and our trainer Tyler for bringing a great package last month to the NPC New England Championships. The judges seem to agree and handed Luidas a trophy leaving him to place 3rd in a stacked class!


With his coach Tyler’s superb dieting methods and the help of T. Chan for posing, we are both extremely happy with the outcome. Stay tuned Luidas will be back for more in April 2017 with an improved package!

17. Lonnie


Lonnie and T. Chan were childhood friends and has known each other for over 20 years. At one point they hung out together every day for years. He noticed that T. Chan was going to the gym a lot more and saw his physique change in a short amount of time. Before you know it, they we’re going to the gym together.


In the beginning Lonnie was really out of shape and could not control his eating habits. His metabolism was a wreck, it was eat nothing or eat everything. After working out together with T. Chan and proper education on dieting, the new Lonnie was here! He started at 200 lbs. with 28% body fat and 5 months later he was at 170 lbs. at 12% body fat!



Just like any other women, she wanted to tone and not look too muscular. She had the impression that weight training would make her bulky and was very skeptical about it. She called Evolution Fitness and did the free fitness consultation with T. Chan and he quickly removed that false statement out of her brain.


She put her trust into Evolution Fitness and got nothing less but results. She started weight training consistently 2-3x a week and was a believer. Her starting weight was 152 lbs. at 29% body fat and 3 months later she was 134 lbs. at 21% body fat with some new muscle mass. Julia is now faster, leaner and stronger while keeping her figure.

John Casey


Jonathan Vasquez one of our trainers at Evolution Fitness have been working with JC for 6 months now.  Hard work and dedication along with consistency will get you results. The word “can’t” does not exist in JC’s vocabulary. Against all odds he had to push himself to this point of change. He has been steady dieting on Jonathan’s customized diet plan and training with him 2x a week, which led him to lose 60 lbs. and 12% body fat!


When starting a fitness journey, your goal shouldn’t be a temporary fix, it should be more of a lifestyle change. Too many people think there’s a magic drink or a pill that does all the work. The truth is, there are three things that work together, a good diet plan, weight training and cardio. All three must be strategically put together with consistency. Keep up the good work! We can’t wait to see the finished product!

25. Tommy


Who would have thought 3 weeks of dieting and personal training could produce results like this? Tommy already had a lot of fitness experience but was a stranger to following a structured diet.


Being the owner of a high end body shop in Warwick, R.I, his schedule was extremely busy. T. Chan designed a customized diet plan that was convenient for his schedule. It may be hard to believe, we didn’t use any supplements besides a protein power for a meal replacement when he was too busy for food.



A round of applause to our client Angel for winning two gold trophies (first place) at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu NAGA New England Grappling Championships.With T. Chan’s dieting/coaching protocols and all of his hard work, we lost 25 lbs. of fat and some water weight in 2 months.


Angel was not on any starvation diets, he was properly fed with good carbs and kept him feeling good. Yes this is a lot of weight to lose in 2 months, we had to do some water manipulation techniques to make sure he made the weight cut. We made sure that Angel was fighting at optimal levels and decided what macronutrients worked best for him. You made us proud, more trophies coming soon!



T. Chan’s cousin Vannara was always into weight training and staying healthy but could never figure out to get a lower body fat percentage. T. Chan would always show him amazing transformation pictures of his clients. He decided to give it a chance and started to do one of T. Chan’s specific weight training program while following his customized diet program. 10 weeks later, and there you go, a brand new Vannara with his 6 pack showing!


We were going to post this picture a couple months ago, but he was involved in a serious car crash and Vannara was in a coma for 3 weeks. It was a tough couple months for his friends and family. Being the strong guy he is mentally and physically, he fought through and has now awaken from his coma. He is currently in rehab for mental and physical therapy. He wants to thank everyone for all of your prayers. He is now on his quest into getting his 6 pack again!



Here is Sy, one of our trainers at Evolution Fitness. The picture on the left is in 2008 when he was weighing at 175lbs. and the picture on the right in 2015 he is weighing 197lbs. He started weight training in 2010 after graduating high school with little knowledge in the fitness field and a simple goal of getting bigger. He was in the gym 3-4 days a week chasing after the “physical high” that weight training gave him. He started seeing great results after the first 6 months and was completely hooked. He was getting bigger and stronger, but the one thing that he had trouble with was getting his abdominals to show. He was always weight training but not worrying about his diet. Sometimes he was eating too much and a lot of the time he wasn’t eating enough!


He eventually ran in to T. Chan at Evolution Fitness this year around March where he also applied to work as a personal trainer. Ever since then, T has taught him some proper dieting techniques which he is currently using for himself and his clients. This picture is only the beginning of what he wants to accomplish with his physique. Sy is looking forward to see what he can achieve with his new knowledge and continuing education for himself and his clients!

Dev online


This is what happens when you follow our trainer Sy’s fitness plan! Dev’s 4 month transformation so far is nothing short of amazing. The left is around July at 164 lbs. and the right is October at 146 lbs.


At first, progress was a little slow due to his habits of going out to eat burgers and steaks accompanied by a few beers a little too often which brought him over his calories every time. But once he got a hang of tracking his food intake we started consistently losing weight without killing him with cardio. In fact, we don’t even think he was doing any more than an hour a week if that for this transformation.


Dev still incorporates his burgers and steaks into his diet while making progress. Yes, you read that right. We also allow the occasional beer here and there because people need to sit back and enjoy a cold one every now and then. Keep it up Dev! With your hard work ethic, Sy’s going to turn you into a beast.

16. Kune


Kune started his fitness journey by himself and got some information from fitness websites. He noticed that his progress with losing weight wasn’t getting anywhere. After seeing all the great results at Evolution Fitness, he decided to seek professional guidance.


Kune’s starting body fat was 23% and after 3 months of the Evolution Fitness Diet Program with T. Chan he lost 7 inches from his waist, 30 lbs. of fat and is now at 12% body fat! What a great accomplishment!



Here is Abner’s amazing 2 month transformation. Some of the Evolution Fitness transformations may be hard to believe. We promise they are all real and done in the time frame that was provided.


Abner has known T. Chan since high school (about 12 years ago), they had some of the same teachers and shared similar interest. Abner was real active in high school, he played on the soccer team and football team. As life passes by, we get busy, stressed with life and let ourselves go. He decided to make a change and contacted Evolution Fitness on Facebook. T. Chan put him on a customized diet, and he trained twice a week for personal training, and the rest is history! All it took was 8 weeks!



7 week transformation of T. Chan’s online client Gary who lives in New Hampshire. Gary found us on Instagram and decided to give us a shot. He went as far as checking all the Facebook and Yelp reviews to make sure we weren’t a scam considering he lives 100’s of miles away. Gary has tried many diets in the past, a lot of the diets he tried were cookie cutters and had high caloric restrictions. After working with T. Chan in the first couple of weeks he couldn’t fathom how many carbs he could eat while still decreasing his body fat and maintaining his strength! Total weight lost for this client was 13.4 lbs.


What a difference losing pure body fat could do on a person’s physique. At the moment, Gary is complaining about getting too lean. What a horrible problem to have Gary. Our solution? More cheat meals! Keep up the great work Gary!